Best Video Lectures for GATE in CSE

Best Video Lectures for GATE in CSE

Heads Up! These courses are recommended for a good understanding of Computer Science subjects which is very essential for GATE. Most of the courses here are graduate level meant exclusively for GATE
Video Lectures from NPTEL
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Shai Simonson
Official Site for Algorithms Tutorials
Youtube Link
Introduction to Algorithms

Leiserson, OCW.MIT

One of the lecturers is C. Leiserson, The “L” in CLRS..
Introduction to Data Structures & Algorithms


Lecture Series on Data Structures and Algorithms by Dr. Naveen Garg, Department of Computer Science & Engineering ,IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit
Coursera Course

Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University

 Course and slides
Course VideosDescription


This is the best video lec for DBMS by Prof. P P chakrabarti , Director , IIT Kgp
CS145 Introduction to Databases


Course and slides for DBMS
Course VideosDescription
CS143 Compilers


Compilers Stanford

Alex Aiken, Coursera

Best notes and assignment for Compiler Course, no video
Course VideosDescription
Operating Systems


Enough for GATE
Computer Science 162 – Lecture 1


Course VideosDescription
Theory of Computation

Shai Simonson,

If you have not seen these videos, don’t do anything go and see the videos immediately, no excuses. See the below link if .rm files doesn’t work for you.

Course VideosDescription
Computer Architecture
Prof. Anshul Kumar, IIT Delhi, NPTEL
Computer Organization

Prof. S. Raman, IIT Madras, NPTEL

Computer Architecture

David Wentzlaff, Princeton University, Coursera

Full Course
Course VideosDescription
Programming Paradigms

Jerry Cain, Stanford

Doesn’t cover the entire GATE syllabus in programming but useful
Computer Science 61B – Fall 2006


For Data structures
Course VideosDescription
Introduction to Digital Circuits

Prof. S. Srinivasan, IIT Madras, NPTEL

Engineering Mathematics

Course VideosDescription
Sets, Counting, and Probability


Covers the basics
Applied Probability


Advanced course and topics are mostly above GATE syllabus.
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Discrete Mathematical Structures

Prof. Kamala Krithivasan, IIT Madras, NPTEL

Covers Mathematical logic, Set Theory and Algebra syllabus from GATE completely
Course VideosDescription
Graph Theory


Advanced course, just take what you need from GATE syllabus
Course VideosDescription
Linear Algebra

Gilbert Strang, OCW.MIT

Straight from the master
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Single Variable Calculus

David Jerison, OCW.MIT

Very good videos